Melanie Bosboom: Piep, zei de muis in het voorhuis

The exhibition ‘Piep, zei de muis in het voorhuis’ takes place in the house of Noor SMALS. It’s a big house where she lived her life the last 45 years. Personal things like clothes and pictures are gone but many furnishings are still there, there are still books in her bookcase. The exhibition is a way to give the house and the rooms life again: the is a framework that works gives a lot of space , but excludes a total permissiveness. The sculptures , drawings, photographs, paintings and video installations by various artists are shown in this environment.

Melanie Bosboom is part of the group exhibition.

6 April – 21 April 2014
Groesbeekseweg 117
6523 NP Nijmegen

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