Loek Grootjans: group exhibition in Veurne


Conspicuous through absence
In the middle of the Huis de Valk, the 16th-century building that is home to EMERGENT, a monumental fireplace formed the heart of the building. It has disappeared. Traces of the absent core are visible here and there: a few marks on the floor or ceiling, a void, a break in a beam. At the nearby church of Saint Walburga, with its narrow, Gothic chancel, the nave and the west tower – apart from the foundations – were never realised. Here, the absent volume contains no memories but exists as an unfulfilled promise. In art too, absence can play more than one role: as core, reference, promise, agent.

Loek Grootjans is part of the group exhibition. The artist presents here the work:
Storage for Distorted Matter Obj. 0013 (Wereldatlas)

5 April – 9 June 2014
Grote Markt 26
B- 8630 Veurne

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