C&H Art Space was founded to engage and support young contemporary artists and established artists with new thoughts, visions, and concepts.

Moved by a strong passion and love for the arts, Cosimo Ricatto and Hanneke Huisman established the C&H Art Space in early 2011. Before opening the gallery Cosimo and Hanneke organized exhibitions from the privacy of their own home, beginning in 2008. On the Tweede Kostverlorenkade 50 they found the perfect location for their dream, a unique gallery space. After extensive rebuilding and remodeling the gallery was inaugurated in February 2011.

Cosimo Ricatto and Hanneke Huisman are familiar to the arts and the art world. Cosimo has been active in the arts since 1973 in various projects and positions, while Hanneke has been working as an interior architect since 1985. Now they collaborate on their dream by working with artists and making a long lasting contribution to the art world.

Since 2011 C&H art space is member of the – Netherlands Gallery Association.